Free Books in Mildmay

Hunkered down here at home for several weeks, if not months, I finally have time to sort through and down size my book collection. Most of which ( some 5,000 +) served as the inventory at a former bookstore I ran in Neustadt. Now in downsizing my collection I have been setting aside boxes and boxes of good to very good condition books of all sorts. Most of the fiction are hardcover mysteries, first editions dating back as far as the early 1900s. There is also a lot of philosophy titles for anyone who wants to explore why we are all in such a mess with Corono-19. Any-whoooo.... now that the libraries are closed and some of us may want to read something other than the latest virus casualty lists I am offering these books free to anyone wants to venture over and pick up a box. All I ask is that they take by the box "as-is" because I don't want to get into pick and chose sorting as a matter of a social distance. I have the books stored out side and out of the weather for easy access (again social distancing) so if anyone wants a box or two...first come first serve... they should e-mail at: first to arrange pickup.

P.S.--- Don't think there is a lot of titles for the younger reader at this time.

Not an actual photo of my current collection but a very close facsimile of the hordes of books i am currently culling from.

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